Brazilian Butt Lift


A desired silhouette with the right buttock size and projection is no longer just a dream – it is an attainable reality through the cosmetic procedure known as Brazilian butt lift.

Brazilian butt lift Surgery in Gurgaon

What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift Surgery, scientifically known as gluteal augmentation, is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the size and projection of the buttocks. This also helps improve the body contour to a more desired proportion. Like breast augmentation, there are two ways to achieve this –

  • Brazilian butt lift using fat grafting procedure. Here, excess fat is moved from other parts of the body and then grafted inside the buttocks tissue for an improved shape and contour. This method of buttock augmentation is also known as Brazilian Butt Lift, and is associated with a more natural-looking outcome. It is also considered the more desired method of buttock augmentation as it is safer (since the body cannot reject the fat coming from within itself) and readjusts the fat from an undesired to desired area.
  • Brazilian butt lift using buttock implants. In this procedure, silicone-filled artificial implants are placed surgically deep inside the buttock tissue.

Depending upon the specific requirements of the patient and the nuances of the case, a board-certified and trained surgeon is capable of using a combination of both techniques in the same procedure where needed.

Who can go for Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you are a physically fit and healthy adult with the desire to obtain a better body contour and hourglass figure, you may explore a buttock augmentation procedure. However, incomplete information and unrealistic expectations combine to form a recipe for disaster. We are here to tell you what this procedure can do for you and bust some myths along the way.

Busting Some Myths

  • Brazilian butt lift can change my body’s natural contour.
    As the name indicates, a buttock augmentation procedure enhances the existing structure of your buttocks. Along the way, it improves the body projection and gives a more appealing contour. It in no way changes the natural body contour.
  • Brazilian butt lift can increase the height of my buttocks as I want it to.
    Buttock augmentation does improve the height and projection of the buttocks, but in limits. It does not make the buttock sit unnaturally high on your body.
  • I can use this procedure to make my buttocks exponentially larger.
    When you opt for fat grafting procedure, the result is a natural enhancement of the buttock size for a more appealing look. Even with the use of implants, while you can enhance the size more as compared to fat grafts, it is unrealistic to expect an exponential increase in the buttock size.
  • Brazilian butt lift can change my entire silhouette.
    This cannot happen for two reasons. First, the silhouette is a composite of your entire body structure, including your breasts, shoulder, waist, and hips. One procedure alone works on only one part of the body. Second, no procedure or procedures can assure drastic changes, they work on improving the look of the body part in question, in this case the buttocks, and there are limits to what can be achieved depending upon the natural contours of your body.

What the Procedure Can Help You Attain

When expectations are realistic, Brazilian butt lift procedure helps with the following outcomes –

  • Increases fullness and roundness of the buttocks.
  • Attaining a more hourglass type of figure, or proportionate figure, depending upon the requirement.
  • Improved symmetry, in case one buttock is bigger or smaller than the other.
  • Increased butt projection for a more appealing contour and silhouette.
  • Better balance to the figure.

Together, these also act as a confidence-boosting measure as you get a new life with better body proportions – the look of your dreams.

Steps Involved In The Surgery

Buttock augmentation procedure is divided into the following four steps.


Brazilian butt lift Surgery in GurgaonMaking the Decision

Buttock augmentation is considered among the riskier cosmetic surgery procedures. This is because the procedure requires the surgeon to go deeper into the body tissue as compared to the other procedures – for either fat grafting or buttock implants. An error may lead to complications which are hazardous for the patient, including life-threatening embolisms.

Therefore, it is important to understand the procedure in detail, including how best to minimize any associated complications or risks. This depends on the right choice of centre and surgeon.


Choosing the Right Centre and Surgeon

We seek experts whenever we make any major decisions. This is truer when finding a doctor and surgeon. Compromising on quality to favour financial implications is what causes complications when it comes to a procedure like buttock augmentation.

A gold medalist surgeon is not only an expert in their field and know the best and latest procedures to follow (like Expansion Vibration Lipofilling or EVL for buttock augmentation), they also provide you access to top of the class infrastructure and makes use of only standard and approved equipment and materials during the surgery. This helps eliminate any potential risks involved in the surgery, subject to you as the patient diligently following all instructions of the surgeon – both before and after the surgery.


Planning and Preparation

Once the decision to undergo buttock augmentation has been taken and the team and centre has been finalized, it is time to plan and prepare for the surgery.

The surgeon starts the planning by prescribing some blood tests to understand your body’s preparedness for the surgery. They will also at this stage understand your lifestyle and medical history, so they may adjust medication where needed. Please remember to share any allergies you may have, so they can prescribe medication and dosage accordingly. Do not withhold lifestyle choices like smoking and drugs from your surgeon, these may have a direct bearing on the procedure.

The planning stage also involves choosing the method of augmentation – fat grafting or implants or a combination of both. The plan of action will be customized as per your requirement and your body’s needs – there is no one-size-fits all solution, so it is advisable to not compare your roadmap with what you may have read or heard about. The actual procedure will be planned by the surgeon during this phase – the positioning of the incision, the placement of the graft or implant, and the suturing. Planning in advance ensures that the actual procedure is optimized and unnecessary delays on account of decision making are avoided during the procedure.


Pre-Surgery Preparation

As advised by the surgeon, you will need to follow the following protocols in preparation of the surgery –

  • Stop smoking a month before the procedure.
  • Stop using any recreational drugs.
  • Do not take any unprescribed medication or dosage, including any anti-inflammatory drugs. These are associated with bleeding risk during the procedure.
  • Arrange for a driver to take you home after the surgery, it is not advisable for you to drive yourself.

Buttock Augmentation – The Procedure

Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure, with same day release. The following steps are involved during the day of the procedure –

  • Administration of anaesthesia.
  • Marking the site of the incision.
  • Liposuction for fat removal in case opted for fat grafting procedure.
  • Fat grafting or insertion of implant, as per the plan of action.While using the EVL technique, instead of using syringe, Microaire machine is used to reinsert fat.
  • Recontouring to give the buttock the best possible shape.
  • Observation and discharge.

In the case of Brazilian Butt Lift, excess fat is removed from other parts of the body using liposuction technique, and this fat is then injected strategically into the buttocks. 450 to 1100ml of fat may be injected per side.


Post-Surgery Recovery

Recovery after the buttock augmentation procedure is fast, with the patient feeling mostly back to normal after one month, and complete recovery within a few months, subject to the patient following all medical advice.

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    What is Normal During Recovery

    Brazilian butt lift Surgery in Gurgaon

    • Initial swelling, bruising or discomfort, for up to 48 hours after the surgery. This is temporary and diminishes naturally.
    • Initial recovery may take up to 3 days. You may resume normal and routine activities after that.
    • Work can be resumed within a week, after getting the surgeon’s approval.
    • Avoid any sudden movements and lifting of heavy objects for two weeks. Resume on consultation with the surgeon.
    • No heavy exercise other than walks for up to a month.
    • Use of compression garment for at least six weeks, perhaps more, depending upon the surgeon’s advice.

    Keep your surgeon apprised of any developments and take your follow up consultation seriously. Do not miss your appointments and resume any set of activities only after consultation with the surgeon. Most of the bruising and swelling will have vanished after a month, and your buttock will attain its final shape in two to three months.

    Dr Priya Bansal is an experienced female plastic and cosmetic surgeon. You can reach out to her to understand the procedure and clarify any misgivings and misconceptions regarding a buttock augmentation procedure. Your privacy and care are her top priority.

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