Chin Augmentation

What is Chin Augmentation?

A recessed chin may cause your face to look disproportionate. Chin augmentation or Genioplasty is a cosmetic procedure that makes use of silicone implants or hyaluronic fillers to augment the chin for a fuller, more appealing jawline.

Who Can opt for Chin Augmentation Procedure?

If you have a recessed chin which makes you conscious, you can opt for a chin augmentation procedure to give your face a more appealing structure. What this surgery does for you –

  • Give a more proportionate look to your face.
  •  Enhance a recessed skin by injecting fillers or implants.
  • Give better symmetry to the face, especially if the bottom one-third varies significantly from the upper two-thirds.
  • Gives the jawline better definition.
  • Brings out your chin.

What the procedure does NOT do is give you a new chin, create a completely new jawline or change your facial profile completely.

Chin Augmentation – The Procedure

While consulting with a Gold Medalist surgeon to plan for the surgery, the complete course of treatment is chalked out to avoid last-minute hassles and to minimize any surgical complications. The choice between fillers and implants is made, though it is important to know that the results of fillers last only 10 to 15 months – implants give a lasting natural look.

The procedure lasts from 45 minutes to one and a half hours, depending upon whether fillers or implants are being used, and the surgical technique being employed. While there may be concerns about the use of implants, they are made from medical-grade silicone and are safe with proven results. One may opt for anatomical implants (they fit the complete jaw and give a broader jaw profile) or u-shaped implants (for a sharper, more pointed chin) depending upon the desired outcome. Implants are customized to fit your jaw.

The incision is placed inside the mouth for minimal visible scarring. It contributes to a natural looking result.

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    Chin Augmentation Surgery in GurgaonIt is a day care procedure and patient can resume normal routine activities from next day itself.

    • Bruising and swelling may take up to six weeks to go away completely.
    • Antibiotics may be prescribed for a few days to eliminate any chances of infection.
    • Solid food must be avoided for 72 hours after the surgery, till then, only semi-solid or liquid diet is advised.
    • There may be some numbness to the chin and lip for a few days.

    Remember to consult your surgeon in case of any concerns and resume physical activity only after consultation with them. By opting for a gold medalist surgeon, you minimize surgery risks and the risk of adverse reaction to the implant.

    Meet Dr Priya Bansal to learn more about the procedure and its benefits. With years of experience behind her, Dr Bansal believes in high-level surgical care and meeting the patient’s needs.

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