What is Facelift?

Age brings with it many unwanted changes, some more undesirable as they happen on the face and neck. Formation of wrinkles, folds and lax skin are all visible signs of ageing. These can be addressed through facelift, or rhytidectomy. There are different types of facelift procedures which can be used by the surgeon as per your needs – endoscopic facelift, mini-facelift, classical facelift, and liquid facelift (done with Botox and dermal fillers). Facial fat grafting can be used in conjunction with facelift to provide more volume to face.

Facelift Surgery in Gurgaon

Is Facelift the Right Procedure for Me?

If you want to battle visible signs of ageing like –

  • Sagging facial/neck skin
  •  Deepening fold lines between the nose and the corner of your mouth
  • Lost volume on the face.
  • Presence of jowls.
  • Double chin and turkey neck.

Then you can opt for facelift to counter these issues.

What the procedure does –

  • Give you a more youthful appearance.
  • Get rid of these lines.
  • Tighten the facial and neck muscles
  • Remove excess fat and skin.
  • Give better volume to the face.

It is important to understand that this procedure will not change the natural facial contour or make you look like someone else.

Facelift – The Procedure

Facelift Surgery in GurgaonConsult a board-certified surgeon to discuss your aesthetic needs and create the right roadmap.

In simplest terms, the facelift procedure causes lifting and tightening of the muscle structure under the skin. Superficial muscular aponeurotic system or SMAS refers to the set of muscles right under the facial skin, which tends to lose its elasticity and requires tightening. This can be done in three ways depending upon the requirement and surgeon’s assessment –

  • SMASectomy (for bulky faces)
  • SMASplication (to keep the volume while working on the contours) or
  • MACS lift (to lift the SMAS with a suture).


Types of Facelift

  • Classic facelift  or full facelift, where the incision is made along the ears and behind. This procedure is a combination of mini facelift and neck lift.
  • Endoscopic facelift – incisions are made along the hairline, and an endoscope is used for more accurate results
  • Mini facelift – this procedure is targeted at the lower third of the face. Incisions are made along the contours of the external ear, and the SMAS is then tightened .
  • Liquid facelift is performed with the use of dermal fillers and Botox to add volume and tighten the skin.

Irrespective of the technique used, the focus is on providing a natural look to the patient.

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    Facelift Surgery in GurgaonThis is done under general/ local anaesthesia depending upon the type of procedure and recovery varies accordingly.

    • Temporary swelling and bruising may be observed for the first couple of days. You may need to wear a bandage to minimize this swelling.
    • The surgeon may use small tubes to draw off excess fluid or blood.
    • Daily routine may be resumed from the next day, though it is advised to resume heavy workout after consultation with the surgeon.

    Please follow all precautions advised by the surgeon for complete, safe, and speedy recovery. Meet Dr Priya Bansal, a gold medalist female plastic surgeon, to learn more about the procedure and its benefits. With years of experience behind her, Dr Bansal believes in high level surgical care and meeting the patient’s needs.

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