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Dr. Priya Bansal is a renowned surgeon for mommy makeover surgeon in Gurgaon and Delhi. Becoming a mother is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life; however, it can place tremendous strain on a woman’s body, and it is difficult not to notice certain inevitable, unwanted aesthetic changes to the breasts and body. Now with the advances in surgical technology and the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, many women are taking steps to restore and enhance their post-pregnancy bodies. As a mother, so much of your time is devoted to the needs and wants of your children, and in the chaos of daily life, your own needs and desires may fall by the wayside. It is not selfish to look after yourself and wanting to look and feel youthful and self-confident— when you increase your self-confidence it can improve your quality of life and the quality of your interactions with your loved ones.

What is Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover is a procedure done to restore the pre-pregnancy body of the woman. After childbirth(s) women notice a lot of changes in their body’s shape and appearance, especially in breasts, abdomen, genitalia and buttocks. Mommy makeover takes cares of all these body parts and can be performed as a single stage procedure or separately as desired by the patients or as recommended by the cosmetic surgeon.

Women seeking to have a makeover can have an open conversation with Dr. Priya Bansal, a board-certified female plastic surgeon in Delhi at RG Aesthetics. By openly exploring your views of the perfect shape, Dr. Priya Bansal can discuss various types of procedures and share her artistic vision based on your aesthetic goals.

Mommy Makeover / Before & After

Plastic surgery is an art, and Dr Priya Bansal is an artist. With a mantra to make women feel beautiful, her work demonstrates all that is aesthetically pleasing and natural to look at. The before and after images of her procedures are testament to that, and you can request for them during your initial consultation

Breast Augmentation or Mammoplasty

During pregnancy, the breast size increases as much as full cup size or more. Also while breast-feeding, the breast faces a yo-yo effect, increasing in size when the milk comes in and then decreasing after the baby feeds. This causes the breast to lose its elasticity and volume, causing the breasts to sag and sometimes loose volume. Breast augmentation procedure using breast implants or fat grafting can help restore the fullness and the lost volume.

Breast Augmentation is done to:

  • Increase the size of the breasts
  • Restore the pre-pregnancy shape and appearance of the breast
  • Restore the breast volume lost due to pregnancy, massive weight loss or due to normal ageing.
  • To correct any asymmetry in the breasts shape or size.
  • Enhance the self-image and self-confidence of a woman.

A breast lift procedure is done to uplift the sagging breast and improve its projection by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. Breast lift surgery also helps in reducing the areola size that might have enlarged over time.

Breast lift is done to:

  • Uplift the breasts that may have sagged due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, normal ageing process or massive weight loss.
  • Improve the projection of the breasts.
  • Rejuvenate the figure with a more uplifted and youthful breast.

During pregnancy the breasts grow in preparation for nursing leading to hypertrophy and enlargement. Heavy breasts can be a major contributor to back and shoulder pain and may also cause social embarrassment. Breast reduction surgery is for those who are uncomfortable with disproportionately large breasts. Breast reduction surgery can help achieve a desired breast size with ideal appearance.

Breast Reduction is done to:

  • Reduce the size of the breasts that may have increased during pregnancy and lactation or naturally as a growing process.
  • Achieve a more youthful appearance of the breast.
  • Improve the balance between the breasts and the body.
  • Relieve the back and shoulder pain that might be caused due to heavy breasts.
  • To overcome physiological problems like social embarrassment.

On an average, most women gain about 10 to 25 kg during pregnancy. This weight is stored as fatty tissue in the breasts, abdomen, flanks (love-handles), hips, lower back (bra bulge), buttocks and thighs(banana rolls).Following childbirth redistribution of fat can make women loose their previous shape. Some women find that they have extra weight that not even chasing after your toddler can help.Tummy looks bulged.Waist , hips, thighs, arms look big due to fat accumulation Liposuction can be ideal for mothers who need a little extra help losing the baby weight from their pregnancy, no matter how long ago. It can slim the hips and thighs, shape the arms, and flatten the abdomen. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure done to suction out the excess fat from the body areas like thighs, abdomen, flanks, back, buttocks, breasts, arms, face etc. Liposuction is not a weight loss solution but is performed to achieve perfect contours and proportion of the body.

Liposuction is done to:

  • Get rid of excess fat from a part of the body, especially the fat that is resistant to exercise and diets.
  • Achieve the desired contours of the body.
  • Achieve a more proportionate figure
  • In some cases, liposuction is done to extract fat for fat grafting procedure for breasts or buttocks.

Throughout the pregnancy, the abdominal muscles, skin and tissues are stretched to accommodate the growing baby. During this process, the abdomen skin loses its elasticity and after childbirth the abdomen of the women starts to look like a deflated balloon. This gets worse with each pregnancy. Tummy tuck procedure is done to remove both the excess fat from the abdomen and then to tighten the skin to give it a more defined contour.

Tummy tuck is done to:

  • Remove excess fat from the abdomen.
  • Remove excess skin and tighten the skin of the abdomen to give a more flat look.
  • Restores the weakened muscles creating a firm abdomen profile.
  • Achieve a flat and well-toned abdomen.

During pregnancy weight gain, a women gains and then loses weight on the buttocks too. This contributes to poor tissue elasticity and makes the buttocks sag. Buttock Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure done to improve the contours, shape and size of the buttocks. This can either be done using buttock implants or fat grafting method. For fat grafting method, fat is suctioned out from area of the body with excess fat. This fat is then treated and injected in the buttocks for increase in size or improvement of shape. In some cases, buttock implants can be combined with fat grafting technique to achieve optimum results.

Buttock Augmentation& Lift is done to:

  • Increase the buttock size
  • Improve the shape and projection of the buttocks
  • Improve the balance between the buttocks and the body.
  • Uplift the sagging buttocks
  • Improve the contours of the buttock

During childbirth, the vaginal muscles stretch to form the birth canal for the baby. After normal childbirth or with normal ageing, the vagina of a woman starts to lose its shape, elasticity and structure. This may lead to discomfort, displeasure during sexual intercourse or low self-esteem. Also there may be an ugly episiotomy scar in the genital area.
For those women for whom repeated pregnancy has enlarged the birth canal rejuvenation of the birth canal is possible.

Vaginal Rejuvenation is done to:

  • Tighten the internal walls and the opening of the vagina. This procedure is known as Vaginoplasty. This helps to improve the structure and elasticity of the vagina and adding firmness to it for better sensations and friction during sexual intercourse.
  • Improve the appearance of the vagina especially the labia, including the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood, and perineum. This procedure is known as Labiaplasty.

When can one consider Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover surgery in gurgaonDr. Priya Bansal suggests that one should wait at least 6 months after childbirth to undergo any surgery. This will help the body of the women to return to normal and recover.

The enlarged ducts and increased blood vessel activity of the breast during nursing increases bleeding and the risk of infection. Hence, it is recommended to wait at least 3 months after stopping breastfeeding before considering breast augmentation, reduction or breast lift. This time period helps the breasts to settle down to their normal size and shape.

It is also recommended for overweight women to first lose some weight with exercise and diets and then consider mommy makeover procedures to achieve better contours, uplifted body, and enhanced youthfulness.

Are future pregnancies affected by the surgery or vice versa?

If you plan to have more children, wait. You will need support from your vertical muscles in the abdomen during pregnancy. They are tightened during a tummy tuck and can re-separate during pregnancy. The results of the surgery also may be reversed by the subsequent pregnancies. Dr.Priya Bansal recommends that one should consider tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery after completing their family. Also, results of breast and buttock augmentation done using fat grafting techniques may wear off if the patient looses massive amount of weight in the future.

Who are the best candidates for Mommy Makeover surgery?

  •  Woman who desire to restore the youthfulness of their breasts, buttocks and vagina that have changed shape, sagged or lost volume due to childbirth(s) and breastfeeding.
  •  Women who have lost the elasticity of their abdominal skin and their tummy looks like a deflated balloon and now desire a flat tummy.
  •  Those who has achieved their desired weight and now want to improve the contours of their body.
  •  Those who want to restore, increase of reduce their breast size post pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  •  Those wanting to rejuvenate their vagina post normal delivery for better sensation while sexual intercourse.
  •  Woman wanting to enhance their self-confidence that may have lost with the lost volume on their breasts.

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    Recovery after Mommy Makeover

    Mommy Makeover surgery in GurgaonRecovery time after mommy makeover procedure depends upon the procedures undertaken and the number of procedures combined as a single surgery. It also varies from patient to patient. Women who undergo a full mommy makeover may need at least 4 weeks of downtime. Moderate bruising and swelling may be experienced that goes down within next few weeks. It is recommended to avoid rigorous physical activities for at least 6 weeks or as suggested by the surgeon. Two month post surgery, when the inflammation and swelling goes down to a great extent, one may be able to appreciate the results of the surgeries.

    Are there scars involved in Mommy Makeover?

    Scars are a part of every surgery. Surgeries like liposuction may result in smallcuts that heal without any noticeable scar. Whereas, a tummy tuck surgery leaves a big scar but is easily concealed beneath the underwear of bikini bottoms.

    However using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipments, Dr. Priya Bansal ensures that the scars are well hidden and as inconspicuous as possible. The scars gradually fade away in few months or years. She also recommends non-surgical laser treatments that help in fading the scars as well.

    What are the precautions to be taken care of before and after the procedure?

    The Mommy Makeover is a customized tailor-made process according to a person’s body type and to fit the individual’s unique needs. It’s the best way to bring post-baby body to its pre-pregnancy shape. If you have decided to go for this process, firstly you need to find a reputable board certified plastic surgeon in your area and schedule an in-person consultation.

    Getting Mommy makeover is a life-changing decision! It will be a serious boost to your self-confidence. However, it is important that you know few things beforehand to prepare yourself for your Mommy Makeover.

    • Please take an ample amount of rest during your recovery. Depending upon the procedure, recovery can take up to two weeks. Although after 24 hours, you can go through the recovery process at home.
    • During the recovery time, you will be sore, bruised and swollen and this swelling can sometimes last as long as six months. While some benefits are immediate, the full results cannot be assessed until swelling subsides.
    • You will be tired and tender after your mommy makeover. Don’t be hesitant to ask for house help. Take assistance from house members. No driving until the certain pain-relieving medication have been stopped.
    • Vigorous exercise, heavy lifting, doing gym is strictly prohibited for at least six weeks after your mommy makeover, this includes carrying babies over 10 pounds. Most importantly, stick with a healthy lifestyle.
    • Mommy makeover is for non- smokers! Smoking delays healingas it decreases circulations and increases the chance of serious complications. Better to stop smoking altogether, or stop smoking at least six weeks before and avoid for next 6 weeks post surgery.

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