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High Def Liposuction: Sculpt Your Dream Body Today

With recent surgical advancements, cosmetic surgeries can give you the desired aesthetic transformation in shape and size of specific body parts like the face, neck, and body. In addition to the advantages, the new high-definition liposuction operation has surpassed normal liposuction in terms of how invasive the procedure is, level of scarring, overall downtime...

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Body Contouring – Is it for You?

Body contouring has become a prominent treatment segment in plastic surgery. It cures various deformities after extreme weight loss. These body contouring procedures were not common in the past. After drastic weight loss,  you may find excess droopy skin and subcutaneous tissue. It may not retract. They may appear distended from your torso, abdomen...

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PAL and VAL – The Two Pillars of Liposuction Surgery Today

Liposuction refers to a series of surgical procedures that focus on eliminating stubborn and extra fat from different parts of the body. The fat that is resistant to diet and exercise is eliminated through liposuction. The common sites for fat deposition are the hips, abdomen, thighs, waist, neck, back of the arms, buttocks and...